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Installing, Upgrading and Maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Release 11.5.10+ (or, "Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks - Release 11i Care and Feeding") SCRIPTS

Installing, Upgrading and Maintaining Oracle Applications 11i (or "When Old Dogs Herd Cats - Release 11i Care and Feeding") SCRIPTS

Administering Oracle Applications (or "Herding Cats Made Easy") SCRIPTS


Clean Up That Mess! A Mother’s Guide to Managing Your E-Business Suite Clutter

If you've noticed that your Applications seem to be slowly grinding along, perhaps you need to review your overall approach to managing your Applications data. Are you purging data that ought to be purged? Is your Concurrent Manager configuration all that it could be? Have you looked at your Workflow tables lately? Join me for a lively discussion of all the dust bunnies I've found in assorted EBS closets, and what I recommend you do to clean sweep your way to performance improvements for both Release 11 and 12.

Lessons from the Front: Upgrading to Release 12.1

There's nothing quite like upgrading to R12.1.3. Begin by carefully reviewing your entire EBS environment - fess up to mistakes you've made, problems that plague you, and limitations of your software and hardware. Next, prepare to take R12.1.3 for a spin against your own data. Learn about what you need to address in advance to simplify your upgrade, how to search MOS, and how to use Oracle's tools to ensure that you haven't missed a step - or a patch - to battle through your upgrade.

Upgrading to 11.0.3.Something.Something

This is a very old paper that includes a detailed description of how to clone 11.0.x Applications environments.