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Links - All of OnCallDBA's books are available at Lulu. This is a great site to use for independent publishing. And remember, if you've been hankering to publish, that's a place where I can help. I write, I edit, I publish, and I enjoy doing so. My interests are broad, too. I publish books on the E-Business Suite, of course, but I also publish genealogy books and the occasional children's book - you name it. The E-Business Suite books are the top sellers at the Collaborate Conference each year. - I partner with TruTek on Release 12 Upgrade Assessments, Release 12 First Pass Upgrades, and books about the E-Business Suite. TruTek offers a broad range of Oracle database, developer and E-Business Suite training and consulting, specializing in both functional and technical E-Business Suite consulting. Check out the little r12.1.3 essentials for managers and team members, the little r12.1.3 upgrade guide, the little r12.1.3 architecture and concepts guide, and the newest book, the little r12.1.3 tuning and troubleshooting guide for Oracle E-Business Suite. For those of you considering upgrading to E-Business Suite Release 12, one of the first and most important steps is to try to upgrade Oracle's Vision Instance, since it's full of test data and includes all the code. Mike's books and DVDs take you through that upgrade, pointing out along the way assorted issues and workarounds, including new patches, as he uncovers issues. - I thoroughly enjoy Steven Chan's blog. Steven is the Director of Applications Technology Integration for Oracle. His blog is very straightforward and covers relevant topics for the E-Business Suite. He's also very responsive to questions. If you want to stay on top of important Oracle E-Business Suite changes, you can subscribe to receive Steven's articles by email.